CuddlyClaws Mitt Sizing

CuddlyClaws Mitts are designed for an accurate fit. We have also made sizing easy.

All we need to know is the hand width (span) from the tip of the scratchers little pinky finger, to the tip of their thumb when they are spread out as far as they will comfortably go.


The CuddlyClaws mitt sizes are described by the maximum Hand Length measurement that will comfortably fit that mitt. We choose the hand span to measure as it is generally a little larger than the length and easier to measure. The scratcher's hand span measurement in millimetres (mm) will fit between the sizing numbers of the mitts i.e. a 100mm (10cm) measurement will fit the 110 mitts but not fit the 90 mitts.

Once you know your size, check the other measurements; Hand Length and Wrist Circumference, to double check they will fit properly and make any size adjustments. Then simply order. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee or you can easily exchange the mitts if the size is not right. Please check our exchange policy.

See our sizing chart below. Easy.


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