Bathing tips

Bathing tips

August 30, 2017

Bathing tips

Loving the softness and free movement when bathing and wanting to keep it. Through trial and error, I have been working on the best way to preserve the moisture in my skin after bathing. Skin dryness has always been one of the most important things for me to overcome while trying to maintain or repair my skin. When my skin is dry I scratch more and it is more vulnerable to rubbing and irritants. Below are the tips I have found have helped me.

  • Don't shower every day. Natural oils and lipid layers protect the skin. Hygiene is very important but over bathing can strip natural these layers. This is easier for children before puberty and body odour. Wash under arms and areas that may smell with a cloth or flannel every other day. 
  • Luke warm water. This prevents the natural protective lipid layer from being melted way. It also prevents pores being wide open when moisturising afterwards and causing blockages.
  • Short showers and long baths. Short showers maintain the natural skin barriers while long baths allow my skin to soak up the moisture.
  • Bath at night to remove pollutants/allergens from hair and skin. This helps keep the bed as clean as possible. Allow time between bathing and bed for the moisturiser to soak in so that you don't get that feeling of sticking to the sheets.
  • Remove only surface water after bathing with a smaller flannel or hand towel. Dry hair on the head and body first. This dampens the small towel and prevents over drying, instead the damp towel only removes surface moisture. I personally dry my face last to prevent it drying out. Using a hand towel or flannel also allows a fresh towel every time with less volume to wash, dry and store.
  • Put moisturisers on as soon as possible. Definitely with in 2 min. Place moisturisers on over damp, even wet skin. We all know the horrible feeling of drying out. I usually find applying a thinner moisturiser that soaks in first followed very soon after with a thicker barrier ointment. Sometimes I even repeat this process. This may require standing around for a few minutes to let it soak in to not make clothes/sleepwear feel all sticky. Allow time for this.

This is still a work in progress. I have trialled drying body parts in sections then moisturise, then dry another section, then moisturise etc. I have trialled different moisturisers, rotated moisturisers, natural moisturisers and barrier creams. I now have a feeling for what suits my skin when this routine works the best for me. Please work out what works best for your skin or your loved ones. 

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